Maruti Wagon R VS Maruti Stingray – Which one is better?

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Maruti Suzuki, India has introduced a new small car named Maruti Stingray for youth buyers who are interested to buy cars with premium features at cool price. In this segment, Maruti Stingray is only comparable with Maruti Wagon R. in spite of having few more styling factors like exterior styling at front and cosmetic uplifts, mechanical factors such as wheelbase, engine, chassis; exterior dimensions except the length are same for both of them.

Maruti Wagon R VS Maruti Stingray – Which one is better

On the interiors, more appealing backlit buttons on the audio system, audio controlled mounted steering, beige colored dashboard are found in Maruti Stingray compared to Wagon R. Texture and colour tone of door-trims and the fabric on the upholstery also differ. Maruti Wagon R is available in petrol and LPG (Duo), petrol, and petrol and CNG (Green) variants where as the Stingray is available with petrol fuel option. Buyers who prefer performance more than looks, Wagon R is just fine for them and you need not concern for the Stingray just for its cosmetic appearance. On the other hand if you are very concern about the looks and particular for style factor, you have to pay only Rs. 50,000 extra for Stingray in which you get some extra upgrades such as the projector headlamps. But driving performance for both Wagon R and Stingray are same. If the owner drives huge within city and CNG or LPG are easily available, it will be better to spend extra money for Wagon R with LPG or CNG version instead buying Stingray.

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Maruti Wagon R VS Maruti Stingray – Which one is better?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating