Nissan Terrano Vs Renault Duster

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The biggest question that is being asked since Nissan has announced launch of Terrano is whether it will be able to make similar impact on Indian market as was made by Renault Duster a year ago. We bring to you a series of comparisons where we will be comparing the two feature by feature with each other. While Duster was a sole product of Renault’s engineering, Terrano is a re-badged version of Duster. It is for the first time that Nissan will be following Renault in rebadging trend and the last time a vehicle will be launched under the joint venture of Nissan-Renault. The two would continue to work together but only on research and development level.

The first thing that is considered for comparison whenever any two vehicles are compared is exteriors. Let’s take a look at both one by one.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster gives impression of heavily muscled vehicle that is ready to take on all and every kind of challenge. The only thing that neutralizes its aggression is the Chromed grille in front and curvy designing on its front corners. The large headlights underlined by plastic cladding in bottom and flat bonnet add to its sporty look and adds adventurous flavor into its appeal. the side profile of this car is marked by large wheel arches and roof rails that make it look robust and strong ready to take on all challenges in all kind of terrains. The rear of this SUV is marked by skid plate, curvy boot lid, a hexagonal wind shield, rear wiper, high mounted stop lamp, reflectors, and a prominent Renault badge. Renault Duster has a ground clearance of 205mm and a wheelbase of 2673mm. Duster’s length exceeds 4 meters that makes it stand apart from compact SUV segment.

Nissan Terrano

One of the biggest USPs of Nissan Terrano is its design and looks. Despite being a rebadged version of Renault Duster this car bears no resemblance to its predecessor. Nissan has been very successful in providing it a completely different look as compared to other vehicles that have been rebadged by these two brands. This feature will play one of the biggest role as unlike other models produced under Nissan-Renault badge, this vehicle will not be subjected to ‘Brand Confusion’ that has proved to be one of the biggest reasons for lower sales of other Renault and Nissan vehicles. Nissan Terrano’s design carries a distinct fashion statement of its own that looks more appealing than Renault Duster. The front looks revised with a wider grille, body toned treatment around air dam, redesigned headlights, and new bumpers. The side profile of Terrano is marked by straight crease on lower end while that of Renault Duster is marked by U shaped crease. B pillars, wheel spoke designs, and roof rails too have been given a different look as compared to Renault Duster and look more appealing. The rear end of Nissan Terrano is marked by revised tail lights and rear bumper. Unlike Renault Duster that has vertically placed tail lights, Terrano’s rear tail lamps are divided 50:50 between boot lid and rear body. Though without close observation it is hard to make out between the rear of two cars. Suspension of Terrano consists of MacPherson Struts in front portion and torsion beams on rear end that make it one of the best bump proof cars in its segment. The ground clearance of new Nissan Terrano measures at 210mm.

Specifications Comparison

Feature Renault Duster Nissan Terrano
Height 1695mm 1695mm
Width 1822mm 1822mm
Length 4315mm 4315mm
Wheelbase 2673mm 2673mm
Ground Clearance 205mm 205mm
Segment C2 segment D Segment
Suspension MacPherson Strut with coil springs and anti-roll bar suspension in front along with deflected torsion beam axle with coil springs on rear end McPherson Strut And Rear Torsion Beams
Alloy Wheels yes Yes
Wheel Size 215/65 R16 215/65 R16
ORVM Indicator No No
Chassis Type yes Monocoque
Turning Radius 5.2 meters 5.2 meters
Kerb Weight 1235 kgs 1160 kgs


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