Chevrolet Enjoy VS Maruti Ertiga – Comparison

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Chevrolet Enjoy MPV arrived in India in May 2013 and straightaway meets the major comparison to Maruti Ertiga. It is a product of General Motors in the utility segment which is highly charmed by people in current generation of cars whereas Maruti Ertiga MPV is on its good selling phase across the nation as it has sold average of 5,000 units each month in Indian market while Enjoy targets 3500 units each month.


The exterior appearance of both the cars is very different. One is the make of General Motors and other one is perfect make of Japanese brand. Chevrolet Enjoy got more promising features in exteriors as compared to Maruti Ertiga.

Starting from the front Enjoy has perfect combination of headlamp cluster and fog lamps in the front grill. The headlamps are extended out with the edge towards the sides of front grill which is very similar to high level technology aspired design including the Chevrolet logo in middle. Fog lamps are present on the corner sides of the front bumper well-proportioned with air intake vent. This MPV has a small bonnet which separates it on first vision from other cars. Another best part in exterior design is that its front meets the rear with swift curves along the sides. If you look at it from the side then it will promise you the perfect look of a typical MPV. Its MPV characteristics are perfectly defined by its aerodynamic design on the sides. It has same color door handles and windows with black borders. On the top it has good managed space for luggage with the assemblage of railing system.

Ertiga is designed on the concept of Indian car which is majorly based on Maruti Swift designed interface. Ertiga is nearly same like Ritz with belly in bonnet and the Suzuki emblem. The headlamps are different from Enjoy as they are expanded sideward. The front lower part of the car is wide and on the top air inlet in between the grill completes it with MPV features. The height of the roof is excellent as defined for people comfort. It has catchy appearance from the sides. As compared to Enjoy there is no body color door handles and mirror borders. On the back it has small tail lights along with body color bumpers. It has appealing characteristics in its 15 inch alloy wheels design.


Exterior Measurement


Chevrolet Enjoy


Overall length – 4305mm

Overall width – 1680mm

Overall height – 1750mm

Wheelbase – 2720mm


Maruti Ertiga


Overall length – 4265mm

Overall width – 1695mm

Overall height – 1685mm

Wheelbase – 2740mm


The interiors of the Chevrolet Enjoy are very much impressive just like its exteriors. Everything is built in rich textures which add inside beauty to the car. All interiors are packed with impressively comfortable features. Doors from inside including the front dashboard appeals the inside charm. They are brilliantly designed and marked with excellent space. This car runs with the offer of 7 as well as 8 seating which is equally adjusted inside the room in perfect comfort approach. The gap between the seats is provided in the middle row. It can be modulated as per the need. Rear seats are less flexible as full comfort is given on the front as well as middle seats arrangement. Another development in the car is its dual air conditioning system.

On the other side Maruti Ertiga has good space in its interiors but not that much comfort as compared to Enjoy. It is luxury from inside with the amazing theme of beige interiors and styling features. This car offers 7 seating dimension with access to easy reach in rear from middle row. Air conditioning flow is good in middle and rear areas. It is a compact MPV from inside including good storage space with 7 seating.


Chevrolet Enjoy proves to be good in petrol choice as compared to Maruti Ertiga. Both cars have 1.4 litre four-cylinder petrol engines. Enjoy gives out 102 bhp power in comparison to 94 bhp of Ertiga. Torque is 131 Nm in Enjoy and 130 Nm in Ertiga with five-speed manual transmission in both. Both cars have the same mileage performance which is near to 16kmpl.


Both the cars run on majorly same compact features. Dual airbags, Reverse Parking Sensor and ABS are present in both the cars. Chevrolet Enjoy experiences rich features but doesn’t have music controls on steer. Ertiga provides pleasure of air conditioning to mid and rear passengers whereas Enjoy has this conditioning in all areas. In short, both cars have excellent rich features where the only difference present is that some features are missing from one and the same are present in other one. But this doesn’t evade the excellent features which are present in both the cars.

Regarding the safety concerns Chevrolet Enjoy has Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake Distribution Force (EBD) whereas in Maruti Ertigo both braking system are present with addition of Brale Assist.

Verdict – Chevrolet Enjoy VS Maruti Ertiga

Chevrolet Enjoy really enjoys more powerful performance with attractive exteriors as compared to Maruti Ertiga. In both the cars rich luxury features are present but Ertiga limits them to some extent. In the value of money Chevrolet Enjoy is best to buy than Maruti Ertiga.

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