Skoda Yeti versus Ford Endeavour

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Skoda Yeti is one of the best launches from Skoda in the Indian car market. It brought many features to the compact sports utility segment. Skoda is known for making beautiful cars that offer great features at good pricing. We compare it to the Ford Endeavour which is one of the best sports utility vehicles in the segment and brings very good performance and style. So keep reading to find out more about these two cars.

Looks and design:


Skoda Yeti is a beautiful sports utility vehicle and brings a contemporary styling to the segment. It has sporty looks and an aggressively styled front end design. It looks bigger in real life than in pictures and has an elegant exterior design. It also brings 7 spoke alloy wheels that add to the styling of the car and the build quality is excellent while the paint quality, fit and finish is simply top notch.


Ford is known for their excellent cars which sport contemporary looks and the Endeavour SUV does not lag behind. It has large headlamps and chrome tipped grille. It has a sporty front end design which feels quite aggressive compared to a few of its rivals. It has a very good road presence and the overall styling is proportionate from the front to the back. It has excellent build quality and high ground clearance.

­Looks overall – Skoda Yeti – 8/10
Looks overall – Ford Endeavour – 8/10

Interiors – design, space and features:


Skoda has done a wonderful job with the Yeti sports utility vehicle and given it good features and styling. It brings features such as parking sensors, active headrests, 6.5 inch touch screen with 6 CD changer, steering mounted audio controls and electric seats. It has an NCAP 5 rating owing to the 6 air bags and safe construction of its interiors that protect the passengers in the event of a crash. It has a total boot space of 415 liters for carrying your luggage.


Ford has done well to equip the Endeavour sports utility vehicle with all the goodies inside its cabin area. The cabin area is large and roomy. It has comfy seats that provide good support to the back and under thighs. It has 6 CD changer stereo system with Aux-in, USB/iPod connectivity, reverse guide camera, automatic climate control and a powerful air conditioner. It also brings a boot space of 430 liters for your luggage.

Interiors overall – Skoda Yeti – 9/10
Interiors overall – Ford Endeavour –

Engine – performance, power, torque, fuel economy, smoothness:


Skoda Yeti has a smooth turbocharged 2 liter CRDi engine. It has a rev-happy diesel engine which produces 140 BHP at 4200 RPM and 320 NM of torque between 1750 – 2500 RPM. ARAI has certified the Skoda Yeti to deliver a fuel efficiency of 17.67 kmpl. There is also a slower specced 110 BHP engine lined up for the 4×2 version of Skoda Yeti. Both the engine variants offer very good drivability and performance.


Ford Endeavour has a 2.5 liter Duratorq diesel engine and 3.0 liter Duratorq diesel engine. The 2.5 liter engine variant produces 140 BHP of peak power and 330NM of torque at 1800 RPM. It comes with a manual transmission gearbox. The 3.0 liter engine produces 152 BHP at 3200 RPM and 380 NM of maximum torque at 2500 RPM. ARAI has rated the 2.5 liter engine variant of the Ford Endeavour to deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 13.1 kmpl while the 3.0 liter Ford Endeavour has been rated by ARAI to give a maximum fuel efficiency of 11.4kmpl.

Engine overall – Skoda Yeti – 8/10
Engine overall – Ford Endeavour –

Suspension – Ride, comfort and handling:


Skoda is known for building cars that are fantastic fun to drive around on the city and the highways. The Yeti is a very good compact SUV with excellent highway manners. It has very good handling dynamics and is great fun on the straight stretches and twisties. It has ABS + EBD and other features such as Hill Descent Control, Drive-off Assistant and Off-Road ABS. It also brings a very good steering unit that offers very good feedback to the driver.


Ford is known for good handling cars however the Ford Endeavour has a compliant ride quality. It has a slightly bouncy and bumpy ride quality but doesn’t hamper the passenger comfort. It has excellent ground clearance and will go over any potholed road without any problems. It also brings powerful brakes assisted by ABS + EBD which makes it easy to slow down this huge sports utility vehicle.

Suspension overall – Skoda Yeti – 8.5/10
Suspension overall –
Ford Endeavour – 8/10

Value for money – sticker price, standard features:

Skoda Yeti Active 4×2 starting from 13.46 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, Skoda Yeti Ambition 2WD top end model is priced at 15.20 lakhs. The AWD versions start with Skoda Yeti Ambiente priced at 14.32 lakhs and the top end model 4×4 Skoda Yeti Elegance is priced at 16.89 lakhs. The pricing is good value for money for a Czech car with good features such as the Skoda Yeti SUV.

Ford Endeavour is available at an ex-showroom Delhi price of 18.06 lakhs for the Ford Endeavour 4×2 MT base variant. Ford Endeavour 3.0L AT 4×2 has been priced at 19.14 lakhs. Ford Endeavour Hurricane Limited Edition is priced at 20.13 lakhs while the Ford Endeavour 4×4 Thunder Plus has been priced at 20.75 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi. The pricing is good value for the Endy.

Value for money overall – Skoda Yeti – 8/10
Value for money overall – Ford Endeavour – 8.5/10


Skoda needs to improve its after sales backup in the country. Improving service backup will help improve customer satisfaction. Skoda Yeti is a fantastic sports utility vehicle and has great features and has been priced reasonably well. Ford is doing a good job in the country with respect to their after sales backup. Endeavour needs to improve on a few features however at its given price it is good value for money.

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